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I am addicted to coaching and Mentoring Beginner Investors. Seeing them succeed inspires me. I love and enjoy mentoring starter investors and lead them in the right path to gain skills to become a Smart Investor and a Smart Trader.

Three Decades ago, I started my journey in the stock market. It was a booming year but it did not take me too long to realize that it is a blunder to begin trading without any adequate training. I did not however; give up. I sought the best teachers and Gurus in investing. Today I can say, that i have been very lucky to have had the privilege to be mentored by some of the best investors from Wall Street.

Based on my learnings, I spent a lot of time testing strategies and mastering the art of investing. I saw several Up Markets and Recessions and this experience has helped me to develop my own Investing and Trading Strategies. This can be used for up or down or sideways market with minimal risk. I call it the 3R System, The Risk Reward and Return System.

Let me tell you a very important trade secret. Professionals focus on how much they can lose (risk aspect) from the markets while Beginners focus on how much they can make. Risk managment is one of the key features of the 3R system.

In the recent years, I have came across many who were 'Beginners to stock market investing' making the same mistakes I did three decades ago. It made me contemplate that if I give all my wealth of learnings in a platter, it would make a beginner's journey so much more easier and less stressful. This prompted me to launch the 3R program which is available on my website @RiskRewardReturn.com.

Whether you are starting to invest your First $1K or you are serious about growing your investments or you want to master investing/trading, take advantage of my Wealth of knowledge, experiences and learnings @RiskRewardReturn.com.

If you are passionate about investing and trading, take your first Big Action to learn the 3R programs at riskrewardreturn.com. Learn the right skills early to accelerate your journey to success, like it did for my investing and trading students.

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