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24 November 2019 | Novotel, Heathrow, Cherry Ln, West Drayton UB7 9HJ, London 

Sun 01:30 PM to 04:30 PM Doors Open at 01:00 PM

Fast-Track To Trading

The one Big Secret I have never told anyone, Hint: It will kinda forever change your perspective on ‘Trading and Investing’. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Shhh!!!! I have a secret…. mostly you never seen or heard about it before.

 I am so tempted not to tell you…but maybe I will…hmm let me think

 It’s a secret that will change everything you know about Trading, any form of trading or investing and

I can assure you that YOU will be a different person once you find out about it

Wanna know?   Oh well I will stop teasing, come and join this 3 Hour FREE workshop where I am spilling all don’t miss

You Will Learn about

  • One Unusual way you can trade and invest!
  • One New Secret Strategy to use
  • Live Trade Results
  • Why this Workshop is so special – No one has tried and been successful with this combination be prepared to be surprised.

    We use Leverage but no margin

    We fix Risk and you know how much upfront

    Simply Unusual and BEST! Don’t miss out seats are limited.

    From:  Sankar Sharma

    RE: Fast Track To Trading Workshop

    FAST Track Trading Is The Most Engaging Trading and Investing Workshop Event Ever Created

    Which Will Enable You To Become More Confident,  Learn Multiple Ways To Generate Income,  Grow Your Capital From Trading And Get Ahead In Life 


    Make A Quantum Leap

    That Will Take Your Life, Investments, Trading and Portfolio To A Whole New Level

    What You Will Discover

    If you have been losing money or not been successful at trading or investing it is mainly because no one told you the ‘3R Methodology ™’. In this workshop you will learn the Hexagon framework for Trading

    • Where do you start if you are a Beginner to Trading?
    • Exactly Which market to trade and when Precisely?
    •  Which Way the Market is heading?
    • How to Pick the right ETF, Stock or Currency To Trade Short term, Medium Term and Long Term?
    • Sitting at home, How To Trade any market in the world?
    • How To Overcome fear of losing or power of greed?
    • How to scientifically manage risk?
    • How To find the hidden Targets where markets are going to reverse?
    • Where to place effective stops?
    • How to spot sector rotation and trade best sectors?
    • How to pick, when to buy and when to sell?

    IMPORTANT FACT: What Makes Us Different Is That We Give More Value!

    Learn How To Invest - Learn How To Trade
    • Sankar Sharma is a Market Strategist and Global Investor and Trader. He will share with you how you too can generate multiple streams of trading income irrespective of whether you have small capital or big capital , irrespective of whether you have more time or less time in the day. He is going to show you exactly how to get more out of what you have


    Stock Trading Made Simple Book

    I am the Founder and Market Strategist at I give ordinary people the extra ordinary and exceptional Trading and Investing skills. Based on my 32 plus years of Trading and Investing experience I developed my own Methodology called 3R Methodology(TM). If you were not successful with Trading or Investing  then the likely cause is you are not using this revolutionary 3R Methodology. My strategies will help ordinary busy people to spot Investing and Trading opportunities on daily basis.  

    What Is Fast Track To Trading?

    ATTENTION: Fast Track To Trading Gives Your Trading and Investing a Superb Kick starter Plan

    how to make money in the stock market

    Fast Track to Trading is the most engaging experiential business and Investing event ever created which will enable you to make your portfolio work harder than you are, Make your investments and trades count, and  get high-end knowledge to become a trading rock star.

    Knowing what not to do and how not to trade could not only save you time but also money.

    It is an engaging experiential Trading and Investing event

     It is a Half day Transformational workshop

    Who Is It For:

    This is suitable for you if you are a beginner Trader or investor, and you would like to Learn and exceed in your own expectations in Trading and investing;

    This is suitable for you if you like less complex, simple to follow and implement precise strategies for entering and exiting positions

    This is suitable for anyone who has any kind of investment or trading in any form of asset class without success or anyone who is novice trying to make your money work harder for you in your investments or anyone wishing to be their own investment manager to  look after family investments

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    Sun 24-November 2019

    Doors Open At 1:00 PM sharp!

    Event Starts at 01:30 PM

    Location : London , UK


    Everyone attending the event MUST register!

    Registration is on Sunday 24th January 2019  from 1 PM
    Please allow at least 30 minutes for this process.

    Disclaimer: the above results are not typical for everyone, they depend on your ability, if you apply the techniques and many other factors.

    Venue: Novotel Hotel 

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