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Consultation and Mentoring

If you are interested in working with me 1-1 Mentoring or Looking to get 1-1 Consultancy as a wealthy client who has bigger sums of money to invest or if you are someone who wants to become a top trader then you are in the right place. Alternately if you are an influencer, sports person or in art or cinema, or a celebrity who would like to receive customized help or want to become a super-sophisticated investor then you are in the right place.

Become Super Sophisticated Investor

Celebrity Investing

Many celebrities have been investing collectively billions of dollars in start-ups, new ventures, and businesses but one big problem...that is they have been investing in the wrong sectors and at the wrong time. We can help to fix that.

High-Net-worth Individuals

Many high-net-worth individuals, sports personnel, musicians, artists, and actors have been earning a lot but not making their money work harder to grow their wealth even more. As a result, some of them have to let go of their priced trophies and lose living standards it can be fixed if you can have a discussion. 

Influencer Investing

Influencers have been doing a phenomenal job in helping others to achieve success similar to theirs.  But, many are often ignoring their children, partner, and their financial future and future wealth needs. 

The 100k Mastermind

If you wish to become Super Sophisticated Investor and know the advanced investing strategies and wish to take care of your portfolio and that of your loved ones then you got to be in here. Be ahead in your business by knowing what is coming and what is moving in the markets and in the economy

Want to become an Unleashed Top Trader?

Simply complete the questionnaire below, submit your application with the contact details, and if we find you are a good match, Sankar's team will reach out to you with the next steps and a detailed road map.

A Day With Sankar

Get an exclusive 1-1 with Sankar and Master...

  • How To Crush the markets
  • Learn to trade like a Pro 
  • Pick any instrument and any market of your choice
  • Get the hidden scoop and secrets! and a lot more...

60 Minute Consult

Grab 60-Minutes with Sankar and streamline your strategy or tactic. Ideal for existing students.

Fix that...

  •  Fine-tune your Trading Strategy for consistency
  • Fix why you are losing money
  • Improve on your return
  • Fix mindset, trade, and money management, or anything else holding you back from succeeding

30 Minute Consult

This is ideal if you are badly stuck and not making progress with your strategy or tactics. Sankar will unchain you from the problem so that you can fly to accomplish your trading goals.

3 Day Consult with Sankar (1-1)

Just by spending 1 Day with Sankar People are seeing amazing breakthroughs in their results. If you get 3 Days with Sankar, 1-1, then you can imagine the amplification you are going to see in your trading, irrespective of what you trade or like to trade. Fill in the form and if you are accepted and if you are serious about trading then this is the best for you.

If you have any Question please let us know


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