Recurring Income Courses

These courses are designed to give you the skills to create recurring income. 

sector smasher 

Sector smasher recurring income program

This course teaches you how to use sectors to produce regular recurring income.

When you sign-up you get:

  •  Sector smasher course
  • Weekly market and sector review for 1 year
  • Time-tested strategies to use 
  • Check-list and rules cheat sheet.

dividend deposits

Dividend deposits - Learn how to create recurring income and how to make use of recurring income to build wealth.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • How to create multiple income streams with monthly and quarterly dividend income streams.
  • How to get dividend income tax free
  • How to make dividend income pay bills now and in retirement
  • How to avoid big blunders in selecting stocks for dividends
  • Plus lot more...

opportunity zones for investment success 

Attend FREE Session to learn about how to spot top opportunities in the market that exists on a daily basis and how to assess risk to profit from them.

  • How To SPOT High Reward Opportunities with Low Risk
  • How To Create Recurring Income, Growth to Make your money work
  • The Exact Strategy we and our students use that Works
  • Next presentation starts in 15 minutes.

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