Sankar Sharma: 


Beginners Focus On How Much They Can Make While Professionals Focus on How Much They Could Lose ”

'Stock Trading Made Simple'
Provides Solutions 
For The Following Problems:


* How To Pick A Stock, a quality stock

* How To Start Buying A Stock

* How To Determine Stock A is better than Stock B

* How Much Money to invest in Each Stock and How Many Stocks To Buy

* How To Determine price targets and achieve measurable results

* How To Read Price Charts and use essentials like Volume and price patterns

* How To Prevent Massive Losses that erodes your portfolio and your Cash

* Once You have Purchased a Stock, Where To Add or When To Sell or How Much To sell etc.

* How to Use Profit Maximization strategies.

* How To Develop A Winning Mind Set

* How To Build A portfolio

* How To Manage a stock once purchased.

In this book you may discover:

The Ultimate Toolkit

Learn To Use The Methods, The Tools, The Process and The Attitude Professional Investors Adopt With Their Investing.

Three Step Approach To Stock Selection

Most Books Show You How To Select Stocks But This Book is Unique as It Shows Not Only How To Select A Stock But Also How To Validate Your Selection Before Putting You Invest In The Market

Practical, Step-by-Step Process

Gives You Detailed Step By Step Process That Every Investor Can Start Using From Today

Unlock Market's Secrets

Markets Reward Those Who Have Descipline. Descipline To Do What Is Required, When Required. How To Measure , Monitor, Progress, What To Cover And What Not To Cover, Much More is Discussed In This Book