Success Stories

We want to introduce our successful students to this 'World of fame'. They got their successes by working hard. By putting into action what they learned. By failing a few times along the way. By making mistakes and learning from them. Most importantly by being persistent and not giving up! We want to celebrate your success story next. The big question is are you ready to put the fear in the back seat and drive forward or not?!

(Remember there are no guarantees in life and there is no magic wand.  You may get better results than these people or worst depending on your dedication, hard work, commitment, and most importantly discipline to follow rules and ability to learn from them and improve your investing and trading skills)

Success Journey of Sarwan!

Sarwan took his 1K and turned it into 10K

Then he turned his 10K into 100K

Now he is on his way to achieving his next higher target.

In the process, he also doubled his portfolio!


Success definitely 

leaves traces

Trading and Investing Must be Fun

You can hear from Jon how after mastering Sankar's teachings Trading can become a stress free & fun event and how you can make your money work for you in the markets!

Courses Pay for themselves!

Hear from Julia. Julia did not know anything about investing or trading a year into the program she has been seeing amazing results. Yes! forgot to mention she recovered her course fee completely 100%. Listen to Julia's path to Success!

100% In Deed!

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